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Casper Nirvana Nb 15.6 Wireless Driver 64 Bit Comdirect Sinclair R




ms minidisplay 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.2 1.1 1.2 nfswatch i have a sis video card how do i activate it? casper_, open the dash home i did casper_, Oh you are using the graphic area at the desktop? no i am not on the top right corner there is a sign that say's home and a search bar there is no home casper_, On the desktop? the new unity thing the one that is not the classic casper_, Can you open a terminal? casper_, Then open it with the dash home top right to get the hidden home i can't i get nothing casper_, type it in nothing comes just the grey background with a white-grey outter margin and the search bar casper_, That is really weird, can you boot a previous kernel or live boot? i can't even boot casper_, Ah, well I would just try booting a previous kernel, if that fails a install from a ISO you have, using the boot/repair option. i have a grub install screen casper_, I would also make sure you have read the release notes and updated the OS before this. is that boot repair option? ok so i have an iso i can use to install? casper_, Yep, you can load it with the usb, and boot the repair option at the boot menu. ok, but how do i mount my usb with the iso on it?




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Casper Nirvana Nb 15.6 Wireless Driver 64 Bit Comdirect Sinclair R

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